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What is a colposuspension

Colposuspension, from the Greek name for the vagina – Colpos. is one of a number of operations available, to treat stress incontinence It does not normally help urgency (a sudden uncontrollable urge to go to the toilet). Colposuspension may also be used to treat a prolapse of the front wall of the vagina (cystocoele).A cystocele is formed when the bladder bulges or herniates into the vagina.

CYSTOCELE(pronounced “cyst-o-seal”)


Stress incontinence is a physical condition that is not related to emotional stress .

Stress incontinence occurs when the muscles in your pelvis become weak often as a result of childbirth The uterus and the bladder both lie above the pelvic floor with the vagina and urethra (water pipe) passing through it. If the pelvic floor muscle become weak or damaged then the bladder and uterus drop down causing urine to escape from the bladder  when the pressure in the abdomen increases this can happen when you

  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Exercise

To carry out a Colposuspension  procedure a incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen at the bikini line. To ensure the bladder neck is raised back up and held in the correct position to support the opening of the bladder during exercise or coughing stitches are placed either side of the neck of the bladder and attached to ligaments within the pelvis. This allows the pelvic floor muscles to function more effectively in preventing urine leaking and also allows the increased pressure within the abdomen when coughing or exercising, to be more evenly spread over the bladder neck helping to prevent leakage

What is the success of the operation?

The success rate of this operation is about t 60% to 80%  were the problem of stress incontinence is either cured or greatly improved by this operation. This is about same as for mid-urethral slings (eg TOT-O), but colposuspension is a bigger procedure with a longer recovery time. However, this operation may be preferable in certain patients.



A colposacropexy is an operation to treat a vaginal vault prolapse A vaginal vault prolapse occurs when the upper part of the vagina falls into the vaginal canal. This  operation requires a general anaesthetic An a incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen at the bikini line. a small piece of mesh (like net curtain) is attached from the back bone to the top of the vagina and down the back wall of the vagina.



This is the most successful operation for curing prolapse of the vagina. However, no operation is 100% guaranteed and there is a small chance that the prolapse might come back in the future, or you may need another operation to fix a different type of prolapse.


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