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Anterior and Posterior repair in pelvic organ prolapse

What is an anterior or posterior repair?


Anterior or posterior repair are operations carried out to correct prolapse of the vaginal walls. Normally, the vagina is held in place by ligaments and muscles. Vaginal prolapse occurs when these muscles and  tissues become weak and  fail The main cause of this is childbirth, however normal ageing process can further weaken muscles. Being overweight, having a persistent cough may also cause damage to the muscles and ligaments.


You may require an Anterior or Posterior repair to correct a pelvic organ prolapse in  some cases it may be nesacery to carry out both procedures together If the womb is also found to be prolapsed then this may need to be removed at the same time (vaginal hysterectomy).


Anterior repair:

An anterior repair (front of the body) is used in the treatment of a pelvic organ prolapse  known as Cystocele (pronounced “cyst-o-seal”)










A cystocele is formed when the bladder bulges or herniates into the vagina.

An anterior repair corrects this prolapse or slipping forward of the front wall of the vagina. Since the bladder lies behind the vagina the bladder can “fall out of place”and descend into the vagina.. This can cause symptoms such as Discomfort or pain in the pelvis Stress incontinence-urine leaking when coughing,laughing, sneezing,lifting discomfort and a feeling of a lump in the vagina.

During the operation the vaginal wall is cut and the bladder pushed back to its normal position. It is held in place with a number of stitches, excess vaginal skin is trimmed and then closed.


Posterior repair:

An Posterior Repair (rear of the body) is used in the treatment of a pelvic organ prolapse  known a Rectocele (pronounced “rect-o-seal”)










A rectocele is formed when the rectum bulges or herniates into the vagina.

A posterior repair corrects prolapse or slipping forward of the back wall of the vagina. The rectum lies behind the vagina  and can descend into the vagina. This may cause a feeling of discomfort, lump in the vagina and problems with opening and controlling your bowels. This operation involves similar techniques to push the rectum back to its normal position.

Anterior or Posterior repairs may be carried out either general anaesthetic or with you awake under spinal anaesthesia



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